Nicholas Meat FYI

Did You Know? Beef Is Sustainable

February 20, 2024

U.S. cattle farmers and ranchers produce the most sustainable beef in the world through decades of improvement and innovation. According to the University of California-Davis CLEAR Center, the U.S. is expected to produce three times more beef in 2024 with 87.15 million head of cattle, the lowest since 1951. The industry is producing more beef with fewer cattle through improved breeding, better nutrition and health, genetics and breeding, and other management practices.

Fact Check: Busting Myths About Beef

February 8, 2023

From limiting beef because it’s bad for your heart to beef being time-consuming to prepare, we’ve heard a few myths about beef. We’re here to debunk these myths and help you enjoy beef with confidence....

Understanding Water Usage and the Permit Process

September 30, 2022

The quantity and quality of water are important to everyone in the community. Water is also crucial to all food processing facilities, including Nicholas Meat. Nicholas Meat appreciates public concern about water, and we address ...

What’s in ground beef? Penn State Meat Scientist Answers Your Ground Beef Questions

August 17, 2022

Ground beef is the most convenient, versatile and tasty beef product out there! We talked to Jonathan Campbell, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Animal Science at Penn State to learn more.

How Will Water Be Recycled Through the Sustainable Resource Facility?

February 11, 2022

Recycling water (also known as water reuse or water reclamation), according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is the practice of reclaiming water from a variety of sources, treating it, and reusing it for beneficial ...

Water Quality and Quantity

April 28, 2021

Nicholas Meat appreciates the concern about water, and we address some of the more common questions about water quantity and quality below. It is important to note that hauling sanitary sewage to area treatment facilities will end when the new Sustainable Resource Facility (SRF) is operational and the land application of Food Processing Residuals (FPR) will be dramatically reduced. 

Moving Forward with the Sustainable Resource Facility

February 19, 2021

Plans to build a Sustainable Resource Facility (SRF) continue to move forward even though it may be difficult to see that progress when you drive by the Nicholas Meat plant on East Valley Road. Nicholas ...