Toward a more Sustainable Future

At Nicholas Meat, we’re committed to continuously improving each day to protect our environment, provide safe, wholesome beef, ensure a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees and support our community. It’s all part of our dedication to a sustainable future.

Sustainability is an essential part of sound, ethical business practices. That’s what we believe here at Nicholas Meat. Without a commitment to sustainability, we can’t continue. Long-term success for our employees, our customers, our community, and our livelihood depends on sustainable practices.

We invite you to visit our Nicholas Meat FYI Blog for current updates and information to learn more about our dedication to sustainability.

What does sustainability mean to us at Nicholas Meat?

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability means caring for our environment. That’s what makes this all possible. Our air, water and natural resources have been entrusted to us as a people and a company. It’s our responsibility to be stewards of these resources and ensure they are preserved for generations to come.

Ethical Practices

We’re small-town people. We believe in doing what we say, saying what we do, and doing the right thing. Ethical practices and honest dealings are the foundation of society. Therefore, we will always strive to be honest and trustworthy, and earn the trust and respect of our employees, customers, and the overall community.

Economic Viability

Economy is called the engine of a society. There’s a reason for that. It drives us. It powers us. Economic viability enables us to provide goods and services to others and make improvements to our business and our community. This also means improving the local economy, for example, offering stable and rewarding employment.

All three of these elements are essential in order to be sustainable.

Venn Diagram | Nicholas Meat

Sustainability Today

Here’s our story that led to the development of the Sustainable Resource Facility and why we are dedicated to a sustainable Sugar Valley.


Sustainable Practices

 We believe whatever we do today, we can do better tomorrow.


Sustainable Resource Facility

The SRF is the most ambitious project we have undertaken, and we truly believe it will set the standard for sustainability throughout the meat processing industry.


Conservation Reserve

The Nicholas Meat Conservation Reserve, once completed, will be home to almost 2,500 trees and a wide variety of native wetland grasses and wildlife.

Sustainable Resource Facility Video

Check out our new animated video on the planned Sustainable Resource Facility (SRF).