Nicholas Meat Quarterly: SRF Tank Erection Continues During Winter Months

February 21, 2023

There’s always something happening at the Nicholas Meat Sustainable Resource Facility (SRF) – even during the winter months. A relatively mild winter has allowed work to progress at the SRF, including tank construction that will continue through the year.

Tanks are beginning to take shape at the SRF across from the Nicholas Meat plant here in Loganton. Shown here is the roof, or dome, of a tank as well as a section of wall material. As the tank is built, rings of the wall material will be added until the tank is at its full height.

“When looking at the site, you will notice that a lot has changed over the past year,” said Brian Miller, Nicholas Meat Director of Sustainability. “We’ve poured thousands of yards of concrete to create retaining walls, foundations and curbs in preparation of erecting tanks and buildings on the site.”

Once completed, the SRF will feature award-winning waste-to-energy technology and an advanced water treatment facility.

“The wastewater treatment facility and water reclamation continue to be the primary focus of the SRF project because it will bring the most immediate benefits to the community,” Miller continued.

Check out our recent video to see a birds-eye view of the SRF and learn more about progress at the site.

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