Celebrating National Ag Day

March 11, 2024

Agriculture enriches our lives every day. The food we eat, the clothes we wear – even fuel and household products – are all provided by agriculture.

March 19 is National Ag Day, an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of agriculture to our community and recognize the men and women who work in this vital industry.

Pennsylvania has a rich agricultural heritage, and the industry continues to be vital to our state. Pennsylvania agriculture – which includes crops, animals, forestry, horticulture and food manufacturing – has an economic impact of $81.5 billion each year.

Nicholas Meat is proud to be part of our state’s agriculture complex. We produce safe, wholesome beef in the most sustainable way for customers around the world. The meat sector makes up a significant segment of the state’s economy. Pennsylvania’s meat industry employs 211,000 people with combined wages of $10 billion each year. The total economic output of meat processing is $40 billion per year. The industry also contributes $4 billion in taxes each year.

At Nicholas Meat, we contribute to our local economy by employing 425 people, plus additional contractors who work in construction and other professional trades at our processing plant. We buy cattle from local farmers, and all of these people invest back into their communities.

This Ag Day, we salute our fellow Pennsylvanians involved in providing safe, abundant and affordable food for all. Enjoy a delicious steak today because you have earned it.