Conservation Reserve Completed!

November 23, 2021

We’re so excited to check this off the list – development of the Nicholas Meat Conservation Reserve is complete.

This new conservation site is compensation for the forested riparian buffer and watercourse impacts that will occur because of the land development needed for the Sustainable Resource Facility.   The site, totaling more than 12 acres, is protected with a conservation covenant that remains with the land in perpetuity.

Check out this short video to see the work that has been done!

“This summer, we planted annual ryegrass and a wetland seed mix that includes various sedges, arrowwood, gray dogwood, silky dogwood, buttonbush, and meadowsweet,” said Brian Miller, Director of Sustainability at Nicholas Meat. “By fall we planted a wide variety of trees – almost 2,500 in total. Additionally, a fence was installed around the property to protect these newly planted trees and wetland vegetation from deer and other wildlife as it gets established.”

A diverse mix of tree species was been selected to address the planting conditions in the Reserve, which is a mix of wetlands and uplands. The wetter species, including swamp white oak, pin oak, black willow, silver maple, and American sycamore were concentrated in the wetland areas. The upland species, including big-tooth aspen, American basswood, shagbark hickory, red oak, black walnut, and black cherry were planted in the higher, drier portions of the site. The number and diversity of these plantings should allow the site to become well established with woody and herbaceous vegetation.

You can learn more about the Nicholas Meat Conservation Reserve here.