New Entrance Facility Prioritizes Health & Safety

January 7, 2021

If you’ve driven by Nicholas Meat in the past couple of months, you’ve likely seen our new entrance that doubles as a state-of-the-art medical screening facility. Inside this facility is advanced technology including touchless entry/exit, thermal imaging cameras, and software that detects body temperature. This technology also identifies the absence of a mask and even prompts users to wear their masks properly. People who do not pass safety protocols are denied access and are isolated for additional screening. All employees and visitors must enter and exit through the medical screening facility and undergo screening protocols, regardless of the number of trips throughout the day.

Early in the pandemic, the Nicholas Meat team realized that they needed to be proactive in protecting the health of workers. The team also knew that mitigating the risk of workers contracting COVID-19 and reducing the spread of the virus was the best course of action for both the plant and the Sugar Valley community.

“Early on, we were very proactive in implementing added safety protocols for our employees. We were watching what other facilities were doing, not just meat processors, as well as what other countries were doing,” explains Daria Swartz, Director of Human Resource. “Nicholas Meat found a good source of masks and worked hard to implement protective measures from the beginning of the pandemic.”

The team also realized that maintaining a high level of health and safety, long-term beyond COVID-19, was in the best interest of employees and the community. The concept for the medical screening facility rose quickly as a priority.

We took this facility from planning to functional in a short amount of time. We applied for a zoning permit on April 4, 2020, and the MSF became operational on November 30, 2020. The company is very appreciative of the support from community leaders to approve the permit enabling Nicholas Meat to build so swiftly.

“It’s a very new and exciting facility we’ve invested in for the safety of our employees and the health of the Loganton community,” says Swartz.

Nicholas Meat has remained open throughout the pandemic, a testament to the efficacy of the implemented safety protocols.

Nicholas Meat LLC has been a family run business in Loganton for more than 30 years. The beef processing facility employs more than 350 essential employees at the plant and 150 contract workers. More than just a place to do business, the Nicholas family is thankful to call this area home for more than 200 years.